Dos nuevos libros de Richard Bauckham

En los próximos meses van a salir dos libros nuevos en inglés del gran académico británico Richard Bauckham.  Sin ver el contenido, diría que se llaman algo como El Evangelio de la Gloria – Temas Relevantes en la Teología Juanina; y la Biblia en el Mundo Contemporáneo – Empresas Hermenéuticas. Seguramente serán linros muy interesantes.

Bauckham new 1“Throughout Christian history, the Gospel of John’s distinctive way of presenting the life, works, teachings, and death of Jesus have earned it labels such as “the spiritual gospel” and “the maverick gospel.” It has been seen as the most theological of the four canonical gospels. In this volume Richard Bauckham, a leading biblical scholar and a bestselling author in the academy, illuminates several main theological themes of the Gospel of John. Bauckham provides insightful analysis of key texts, covering topics such as divine and human community, God’s glory, the cross and the resurrection, and the sacraments. This work will serve as an ideal supplemental text for professors and students in a John course or a Gospels course. It will also be of interest to New Testament scholars and theologians.”

Bauckham new 2“A crucial responsibility for Christian interpreters of Scripture today, Richard Bauckham insists, is to seek to understand our contemporary context and to explore the Bible’s relevance to it in ways that reflect serious critical engagement with that context. In The Bible in the Contemporary World Bauckham models how this task can be carried out.

Bauckham calls for our reading of Scripture to lead us into increased engagement with the important issues of today’s world, including globalization, environmental degradation, and widespread poverty. He works to bring biblical texts into relationship with these contemporary realities by means of the Bible’s metanarrative of God and the world, in which God’s purpose takes effect in the salvation and fulfillment of the world as his cherished creation.”

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